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CareFlight of the Rockies is proud to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.

Developed exclusively by and for air medical services, this national accreditation process focuses on the patient care quality and safe transport through an in-depth review by professional surveyors of the commission.

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Who is CareFlight of the Rockies?
  • Nationally accredited flight nurses and paramedics, neonatal nurse practitioners and nurses, obstetric nurses, respirtory therapists, and communication specialists trained and experienced in air medical transport and treatment
  • Pilots with instrument ratings, extensive experience in mountain terrain, and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration
  • Full-time mechanics, Airframe and Powerplant FAA licensed
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Specialty Teams

CareFlight of the Rockies

Western Colorado and surrounding regions.
The right combination of quality equipment and vehicles

With safter our primary concern, aviation and medical crew weigh numerous factors, including weather, distance, patient location and vehicle availabilty to determine the appropriate mode of transportation.

CareFlight of the Rockies Specialty Teams
  • Adult/Pediatric: Flight Nurse/Flight Paramedic
  • Neonatal: Flight Neonatal Nurse Practitioner/ Flight Neonatal Nurse or Flight Nurse/Paramedic
  • Obstetrical: Flight Obstetrical Nurse and Flight Nurse/Paramedic
Helicopter in grass

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